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Bob Michaels, CEO

Bob Michaels | CEO

A digital pioneer with over three decades of experience, Bob has consistently showcased his profound understanding of the internet's transformative power. From the inception of live video webcasting with tech giants like Yahoo! to the development of Texas's first federal disaster recovery website post-Hurricane Harvey, his expertise spans various sectors.

John Michaels, COO

John Michaels | COO

A tech sales maestro, John boasts a 25-year career with remarkable achievements. With roles in Dell Computer, Amazon Web Services, VMware, and ScriptLogic, his track record showcases consistent growth and expertise in cloud solutions, international contracts, and sales strategies.

Jordan King, CTO

Jordan King | CTO

Jordan's vast domain of expertise ranges from SaaS Development to intricate User Experience optimization. His career has seen roles that solidified his reputation in the tech community of Texas, such as leading the user interface team at the Texas General Land Office, and serving as CIO of AdBirds.

James Moscariello, CRO

James Moscariello | CRO

James's two-decade-long journey has been marked by roles in top-tier companies like LTIMindTree and DXC Technology, and in the United States Navy. His history of successful technology transformations makes him an invaluable asset. With notable achievements like reinventing Lockheed Martin's F-35 build process and designing Saab's US lighthouse factory, James reinforces ContentAccess' leadership position in the global digital advertising industry.