Commonly referred to as the "Silicon Hills", Austin Texas is a technology epicenter. We're steeped in the high-tech mindset and have access to some of the best talent in the country, right in our own backyard.

Co-founder Bob Michaels graduated from UT and promptly began his first career as a full-time traveling lead guitar player in a semi-notorious rock 'n' roll outfit based out of Austin. In the very early 90's he began developing web solutions, and although HTML was still an experimental standard, he figured out how to monetize his understanding of the then-emerging world wide web and retired his Les Paul for a MacBook. Bob then helped pioneer streaming media in the late 90's and early 2000's, serving as a primary source of live music video content feeding into Mark Cuban's broadcast.com, which then merged into Yahoo!/Broadcast, then into Yahoo! proper.

During his career Bob has earned a US patent (#7373346), singlehandedly designed and developed top-level .gov websites for the State Of Texas (recovery.texas.gov, glo.texas.gov, and vlb.texas.gov), created enterprise business process automation solutions for Dell Computer, built secure defense industry websites, created online communications campaigns Compaq/HP, worked directly with Willie Nelson, Evander Holyfield, and lots more in-between, and all with a singular and constant focus - the online human/digital interface and experience. Having personally designed, coded, and successfully launched hundreds (plural) of websites spanning enterprise, federal and state government, and higher education, Bob is a quintessential authority on website design and development schools of thought.

Jordan King joined forces with Bob in 2010 and contributed his extraordinary software development knowledge to the mix. Soon, enterprise-level solutions were coming out of the shop, focused in the higher education and state/federal government sectors. A Baylor University Computer Science grad, Jordan's classical software development training combined with Bob's real-world experience represents a formidable breadth of knowledge that has produced successful solutions to complex problems for customers large and small.

John Michaels, Bob's brother, retired from his career as a tech sales executive and joined the team in 2020 to guide and direct market entry and expansion with direct customers and within the Amazon Partner Network universe. With extensive experience spanning over 30 years, John has led international sales teams for Amazon Web Services, Dell Computer, VMWare, Iron Mountain and others, John understands global enterprise and is leading sales efforts for the company.

Our team's combined experience and knowledge provide the basis and foundation for the technologies we have created, and how they solve some of the most critical problems and challenges that all web, marketing, and data teams face.

Our patent-pending technology and method is new and innovative. It works in ways that enable incredible possibilities related to user experience and capture of web visitor data because it taps into native, local website navigation. From the cloud. We can track the things that website visitors select, click and tap to get to content destinations. Our approach creates an entirely new type of analytics data that provides deep insights into visitor trends and preferences. That is something that has not been done before!

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