Powerful and patent-pending

ContentAccess injectable website navigation objects guide website visitors directly to relevant content. When website visitors interact with a ContentAccess object, all click-able and select-able elements originate from our system. Thus, we can generate and harvest unique user selection and interaction data that provides deep insights into website visitor behaviors and trends.

We utilize the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and its myriad technical offerings to deliver a secure, scalable, flexible solution that accommodates a wide range of online program discoverability and analytics reporting requirements. We leverage the power of client-side computing to deliver solutions that are secure, lightning-fast, and super flexible. This ensures a high-quality experience for website visitor end-users, and efficient use of processing resources for clients.

Injects into any webpage from the cloud

Our patent-pending solution leverages the power of Amazon Web Services combined with our proprietary data transformation and distribution engines to deliver centralized management of decentralized and injectable interactive, personalized web navigation.

Website navigation components that live in the cloud are strategically injected into webpages throughout the web enterprise, which is achieved by adding a simple script tag to any host web page. When a visitor requests the host web page, curated navigation options are dynamically loaded into the host web page from the cloud. Simple. Fast.

ContentAccess eliminates the need for piles of custom code, API integrations and expensive consulting services to deliver dynamic navigation solutions to any website. Anyone with basic HTML & CSS knowledge can quickly understand and adopt our system to rapidly deploy sophisticated interactive personalization features. Now, front-end web developers can deliver sophisticated full-stack interactive solutions, instantaneously, in any webpage with little to no learning curve.

ContentAccess empowers web teams to do a lot more with a lot less. Inject, detect and deliver with ContentAccess. Let us show you how today.

Data drives everything

Injected navigation links, buttons and selctions that website users utilize originate from the cloud and are presented when individual users request a webpage that contains Programeresive objects. Because the click-able or tap-able navigation elements originate from our system, we are able to deliver very unique visitor behavioral and context-based decision data and analytics.

This analytics data provides unique insights into content request and visitation trends across any web enterprise, delivering valuable business intelligence and insights into website visitor patterns regardless of the size of the web enterprise.

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