A new kind of display ad

Interactivity = Engagement = Data

Step into a new era of display advertising with ContentAccess interactive ad banners, surpassing traditional image banners and single-page HTML5 ad packages.

ContentAccess interactive ads utilize our patent-pending methods and proprietary AWS-driven platform to enable visitors to evaluate different offerings or products, explore various options, and make informed decisions within the ad banner itself. By optimizing the prequalification process within the ad banner, the likelihood of converting prospects into paying customers upon the paid click is dramatically increased.

dataOne of the key advantages of our interactive ads is the ability to track interactions and clicks occurring within the multiple screens presented. This enables advertisers to gain comprehensive data insights, measure user engagement accurately, and identify the most effective calls-to-action and elements that drive clicks and conversions. Such data empowers advertisers to refine future campaigns, maximizing conversions and outbound click performance.

Here's a glimpse of how ContentAccess dynamic interactive ad banners look and feel:

ContentAccess online interactive display ad banners offer advertisers a range of benefits, including increased engagement, enhanced conversion opportunities, comprehensive data insights, personalization, performance optimization, and cost efficiency.

Enhance Engagement
By providing multiple impressions and clicks within the ad, our interactive display banners capture and retain users' attention for a longer duration. Users can interact with different elements of the ad, creating a more engaging and immersive experience.
Increase Conversion Opportunities
The ability to present different calls-to-action and links to additional screens within the ad allows prospects to prequalify their selection. This increases the likelihood of converting a prospect into a paying customer.
Streamline User Journeys & Reduce Conversion Friction
Interactive display ads streamline the user journey by providing relevant information and options within the ad itself. Users can access additional screens or content that expand upon the ad's messaging, reducing friction in the conversion process.
Improve Measurement and Optimization
Tracking interactions and clicks within the ad enables accurate measurement of user engagement and conversion rates. Advertisers can gather valuable data on the most effective elements within the ad and optimize future campaigns accordingly.
Maximize display ad spends
By allowing prospects to prequalify via self-guided dynamic selections within the ad, interactive display banners help optimize display ad spends. This results in higher conversion rates and a better return on advertising investment.

Below are examples of ContentAccess academic program finder ad banners featuring a dynamic multi-destination dropdown system we call AccessNav:

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ContentAccess spearheads a revolution in the advertising technology sector by providing a flexible, targeted, and user-centric approach to display ad optimization, customer engagement, and data harvesting. Witness enhanced campaign performance and elevated user engagement, paving the way for extraordinary brand experiences.

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