Advanced Ads

Advanced Ad Banner Design

Prospective visitors are not blind to display banners, they are bored with them.

Our advanced animated video banners transform passive digital display advertising into active experiences that increase click-through-rates by many hundreds of percent or more over standard ad banners. They generate more visits to your website, drive engagement, and imprint your brand in your customer's mind.

Our Advanced Ads are built with industry standard tools and can be easily deployed via any DSP that supports the HTML5 Ad Standard.

Our approach not only increases direct user interaction but also enhances the memorability of the ad, leading to higher engagement rates, click-through-rates, and improved display campaign performance.

Our visually enhanced display ads perform particularly well in-app on mobile devices because the look big and beautiful on phones. They tell stories with animation and video, and they command attention as users scroll in-app.

This translates into significantly higher click-through-rates than standard image banners.

mobile experience as seen on the Fox News app

We provide the services, expertise, and technology for all your digital campaign needs.

Strategic Campaign Development

Our team works closely with clients to develop targeted marketing campaigns. We start by understanding your brand, market, and objectives to create a tailored strategy. This includes identifying the right audience segments, setting clear campaign goals, and choosing the most effective channels for your message.

Creative Design and Content Creation

We believe in the power of compelling creative content. Our team of designers and content creators craft engaging and relevant ads, including visuals, copy, and multimedia content, ensuring they resonate with your target audience and fit seamlessly within chosen platforms.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Delivery

Utilizing advanced DSP technology, we manage ad buying across multiple exchanges. Our DSP capabilities allow for real-time bidding, ensuring your ads are delivered efficiently to the right audience at the optimal time. This automated process maximizes reach and minimizes costs.

Ad Placement & Optimization

We continuously optimize ad placements using sophisticated algorithms and data analytics. By analyzing performance data, we adjust placements in real-time to improve engagement rates and ROI. Our approach includes A/B testing, audience segmentation, and targeting refinement.

Cross-Channel Marketing Integration

Understanding the importance of a cohesive marketing strategy, we integrate campaigns across various digital channels. Whether it's social media, search engines, email, or display networks, we ensure consistent messaging and effective reach across all platforms.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

We provide detailed analytics and regular reports on campaign performance. This includes metrics like click-through rates, conversion rates, engagement levels, and ROI. Our transparent approach allows clients to see the value of their investment and make informed decisions.

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