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A New Kind Of Ad Banner

Customer engagement evolved.

ContentAccess redefines digital advertising experiences with interactive ad banners that engage.

Make every click count! Our innovative approach to interactive ad banners transforms the way users interact with ads.

By incorporating multiple screens and interactive elements, we enable users to select options, explore offerings, and gather essential information directly within the ad banner. This seamless experience eliminates the need for users to exit the ad prematurely, allowing them to self-prequalify, optimizing the final outbound paid ad click.

Our Tech

Introducing Virtualized Navigation

ContentAccess dynamically customizes website navigation pathways based on individual user behavior and context. The result is a dramatic increase in directed web page visits, user engagement, higher conversion rates, and enhanced customer retention.

ContentAccess itroduces our groundbreaking and patent-pending technology that transforms the traditional, static digital experience into a dynamic, personalized journey for each user. Businesses benefit from richer data insights, which provide a more nuanced understanding of user preferences and behavior, aiding in more effective marketing strategies. Our technology offers a scalable solution for personalization, thereby reducing operational costs, all while maintaining a high level of user privacy through advanced, non-intrusive identification techniques like digital fingerprinting.

"ContentAccess delivered our virtualized navigation plugin almost overnight! Since it's deployment, we've seen a more than 15% increase in traffic to our program pages."
~ Jill King, Director of Website Communications - Linfield University, McMinnville, OR

Who We Are

We are former Amazonians and public/private sector senior enterprise technologists.

Our team of certified engineers and solutions architects gets it done.

We help brands understand the product blends consumers are seeking, and focus the web browsing experience to a conversion or purchase transaction.

ContentAccess combines the incredible power and flexibility of Amazon Marketing Cloud with our own proprietary AWS-driven technologies to position your brand for dominance in the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape.

How We Work

ContentAccess is an Amazon Ads Parnter, and is on the AWS Marketplace.

Hassle-free contracting supported by Amazon.

Contracts flow through the AWS Marketplace, so you can engage ContentAccess with confidence!

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Our bundle of specialized, high-value Amazon data systems development services combined with our own AWS-diven technologies are available via our AWS Marketplace listing. Our certified Amazon and AWS engineers, solutions architects, and business specialists know their way around the consoles and can deliver amazing solitions at remarkable speed.

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