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ContentAccess changes and enhances the way visitors browse websites, delivering high percentage increases in traffic to target web pages, which drives more conversions and sales.

Convenient and fast access to content is critical for a website to be effective. Visitors come to a website with a specific purpose, whether it's to find information, solve a problem, or purchase a product. If they can't access the content they are seeking, they are likely to leave and look elsewhere.

Adding ContentAccess to a website makes it easier, faster, more convenient, and more enjoyable for website visitors to find the products, services and information they are seeking. Our patent-pending cloud technology easily and seamlessly drops into any webpage and immediately goes to work driving traffic and generating unique analytics.

ContentAccess Menus

Our injectable dynamic menus cut through dense content like a light saber. ContentAccess menus are two-level dropdown menus that guide visitors to specific web pages within the web enterprise. As visitors make selections and visit target web pages, unique "selection analytics" are created that provide new and deeper insights into visitor behaviors and conversion/sales trends.

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